A 21-year-old girl allegedly planned to have her boyfriend murdered at the popular Carter Road promenade in Bandra on Monday night, September 28. The girl (name withheld) had called 22-year-old Rizwan Khan to meet her at Carter Road. According to reports, Khan at that time was out with his friends in Khar. But for the love of his life he drove over to meet her. Little did he know that his love was all set to deceive him and had planned with a gang of five to stab him to death. NDTV reported that Saif Mirza, friend of the deceased, said, “On Monday evening, we were at a pub in Khar. Around 11 pm Khan got a call from his female friend, asking him to meet her at Carter Road. We were unaware of her intentions but as Khan was keen to meet her, we accompanied him.”


Mirza added, “Once we reached Carter Road, the girl met Khan and they were having a conversation. A while later it turned into a heated argument and we could see them walking away from us. A few people were standing near the spot where they were arguing. We did not find anything suspicious initially, but when we couldn’t see Khan we rushed over to see where he was.”

H e added that the group of people that he had spotted took off on their bikes in a hurry. “We rushed to the place (where Khan was) and found him in a pool of blood. He was unconscious,” said Mirza. Khan’s friend rushed him to a nearby hospital in Santacruz where he was declared dead on arrival due to excessive loss of blood.

A case was registered with the Khar police on Tuesday morning. The murder weapon was thrown by the accused into a gutter in Kherwadi and was recovered by the police.