According to India Today, an IAS officer faced serious backlash after posting a tweet allegedly glorifying Nathuram Godse.

Though she claimed to have meant it in a sarcastic manner, she was still criticised for making such controversial statements, especially since she’s an IAS officer.

Nidhi Choudhari, posted as a joint commissioner of the Brihanmumbai Municipal corporation (BMC), in a deleted tweet dating 17 May, had said: 

What an exceptional celebration of 150th birth anniversary year is going on. High time, we remove his face from our currency, his statues from across the world, rename institutions/roads named after him. That would be real tribute from all of us ThankU #Godse from 30.01.1948.

A damage-control tweet from Nidhi Choudhari soon followed the deleted one. 

Posting a series of tweets highlighting her love for Gandhi, she reassured people that it was no disrespect but a tweet taken in the wrong sense. 

Though not everyone was buying her explanations. 

According to The Hindu, NCP president Sharad Pawar requested the Maharashtra CM to look into the incident demanding ‘exemplary action’ against Nidhi. 

The BMC is still to decide whether to take any action against her.