We all have that one friend, who never studies, not even on the day of the examination, but still clears the tests. 

This person always knows how to get those pass marks. And he does. He always just about passes the examinations. 


Mumbai’s Akshit Jadhav is one such guy. This dude has literally scored 35 (passing marks) in all his subjects to clear the SSC exams!


Daaaamn! Living life dangerously, my man!


Speaking to News18, his father Akshit’s father Ganesh Jadhav said: 

He was surprised to see his score, as he was expecting 55 per cent.

After the publicity his unique results have received, he has become some sort of an internet celebrity. 

And his parents seem to be delighted that he cleared the tests. So, it’s all worked out perfectly. 

Students attempt every question in anticipation that they would get a high score, but they may end up with a low score. Akshit, on the other hand, secured minimum passing marks and we all are happy that he cleared the exam.
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So, cheers to Akshit! May he pass all the exams in life and with a bit more than 35%.