While we all our sitting in the comfort of our homes, with our families, let’s not forget those who are relentlessly working out there to make sure everyone is safe and sound. 

Doctors, nurses, police officers and other health workers are still doing their duty so that we can stay at home comfortably. And, we must be grateful for all their efforts. 

And, to remind all of us of exactly that, the Mumbai Police posted a heartwarming video on Twitter where they asked their staff members what they would have done during the 21-period lockdown had they not been on duty. And, their responses left the internet in tears. Here’s the video. 

In the video, while some police officers said they would have spent quality time with their families and kids, others said they would have watched films with their families. 

The 2-minute-long video is just a gentle reminder for all of us who have all the time in the world, right now, to follow our dreams and to spend much-needed time with our families. So, let’s not take these crucial times for granted. 

However, the video also highlights the fact that there are people in uniforms, out there, from different walks of life, who are giving up on their personal lives just so that they can keep all of us safe. 


As much as they would want to, doctors, police officials and other health workers don’t have the time to spend with their families because they are busy fighting the deadly pandemic.

And, this is something we must not forget. It’s only because of them, we are able to enjoy our time indoors with our loved ones. 


This is how the internet reacted to this emotional video, posted on Twitter, by the Mumbai police. 

We salute them all!