So yesterday we’d run a story about how Varun Dhawan had recently been issued a challan by the Mumbai Police for acting rather adventurous while clicking a selfie with a fan.

The actor, who’d leaned out of his car in the process, had been reprimanded by the Mumbai Police for flouting traffic rules. 

The actor had almost immediately responded with an explanation and an apology.

To which, Mumbai Police had a rather refined retort. 

“Galactic coincidence”. FTW.

Now we’re wondering whether it’s Shashi Tharoor who’s handling their Twitter account. 

But seriously, the Twitterati couldn’t help but notice Mumbai Police’s polished sentence framing.

It even earned them the admiration of Jose Covaco.

While some still hadn’t forgiven Dhawan for comparing Dilwale to Inception.


Inadvertently, Salman Khan too found his way in the conversation. 

Either way, we are super proud of you, Mumbai Police.