With memes, pop culture references, latest trends, Mumbai police always stays ahead of the game when it comes to handling social media.

It makes its message clear but in a way that is meant for the Instagram-Twitter generation. The same is reflecting in the manner in which Mumbai police is handling the current Covid-19 and lockdown situation. Here are examples of the same.

1. When it used old TV classics to raise awareness about coronavirus.

All these shows are being televised again for people as they spend time indoors.

2. When it made phrases out of pop culture references.

3. The time it quoted everyone’s current favourite professor to comment on lockdown violators.

4. The time it consoled heartbroken cricket fans with a tweaked IPL poster.

5. When it joined Instagram with this post.

*You’d best believe this is where all millennials are!*

6. When it wished Sachin Tendulkar on his birthday, in a rather interesting manner.

7. When it roped in Rajesh Kumar AKA Rosesh to sing a poem, urging people to stay at home.

8. When it shared this clip from Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Main Hun Na to create awareness about wearing masks.

This class (well, almost all of them) was prompt to learn its lesson from @iamsrk ‘s encounter with Professor Rasai! #MaskHaiNa

Posted by मुंबई पोलीस-ऑन ड्युटी २४ तास on Tuesday, 14 April 2020

9. The time it made a reference to Mojo Jojo to show even he is against corona.

10. When it made its message about lockdown very clear to the people.

Mumbai Police is doing better than a lot of influencers, TBH.