Vijay Mallya has been a butt of jokes lately, thanks to the colossal debt that Kingfisher owes to banks. And, as part of their expression of discontent, a few Mumbai residents have decided to celebrate their Holi slightly different.

Here’s what these citizens have in mind.

Kingfisher is yet to pay back the ₹7000 crore loan it owes to various banks.

Rendering the company to shed as much employee load as it could, subsequently creating turmoil for those still part of the organisation, Kingfisher’s financial crisis has made things extremely difficult for a lot of people associated with it. Ironically, the Mallyas seem to be unfazed.

Ducking under heavy fire, Mallya has retreated to London for the time being.

Pretty much absconding from the whole matter, Mallya seems almost unperturbed. Sitting on a fairly sizeable purse with assets that could perhaps cure his crisis, for now it seems Mallya is not shedding a huge amount of sweat. Although, others associated with Kingfisher could hardly agree to that at the moment.

Residents of the BDD chaal in Worli, Mumbai, have a 50 foot tall statue with Mallya’s name on it.

Ready to set fire to the effigy, the residents, creatively enough, have the text: “Run Mallya, run,” pasted across the effigy in Hindi. The locals plan on setting fire to the effigy in protest to Mallya’s doings on the night before Holi as a grand gesture of protest.

Now, that’s what we call a ‘burn’.

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