As Mumbai tackles one of the worst rains since 2005, its citizens have come forward to help those in need. Like always, the indomitable spirit of Mumbai wins, despite govt’s apathy and indifference. 

This collective effort they have displayed is something to be exceptionally proud about. It started with people tweeting under #Mumbairains on Twitter where they shared the state of the waterlogged city and suggestions to fellow commuters to avoid certain areas. But they haven’t stopped here; there are many people and organizations which are offering people food, water, or their couch. The offices, schools, and religious places are now acting as makeshift shelters and people have opened their homes to those stranded on roads and stations. A new hashtag #RainHosts is doing its rounds on Twitter where people are tweeting about their missing loved ones, requests to give shelter to stray animals, offering some tea and books, among other praiseworthy things.

The food being distributed by many groups at railway stations and other public spots has come as a respite for people who are not able to be at their homes. 

In such a situation, companies and cab hailing services are doing their share and helping the stranded commuters to their doorstep.

Then you witness the kindness of random strangers on the roads of Mumbai.

The collective effort of Mumbai can be seen everywhere. Various religious establishments have opened their doors and are distributing food and shelter to the frazzled commuters.

It’s these heartfelt gestures from the citizens of Mumbai that show that we might look different and live different lives but stand together in face of an adversity.