Taxi drivers in Mumbai, on many occasions, have expressed their displeasure about the entry of cab aggregator giants like Ola and Uber in the market, having an adverse effects in their business. Now they have come up with their own app to compete with reigning apps.

While local cabs known as Kali Peelis are already registered with Ola, they number only 3500 as opposed to 20,000 others registered with two major taxi unions in Mumbai, that have launched the new app, as reported by

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The app named 9211 Cabs, comes with features like tracking and SOS button for police response, to ensure security of women travelling alone, and the rates will be government approved rates, as no extra costs will be applicable for app service.

Prem Singh of Mumbai Taxi Association told The Times Of India that, “All kali-peeli drivers (totalling 35,000 in MMR) will be asked to enrol for the app, which ideally should be used by customers to book taxis across the city , we will provide you service at the doorstep.”

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The next step will be to train drivers to use the app, and although it will start with cash payments, online payment options will soon be introduced. 

Feature image source: PTI