Stereotypes associated with a person’s race, language, nationality, gender and way of dressing are commonplace in many parts of the world. A prevalent idea about burqa wearing women, in certain sections of the society, is that they are are not allowed to venture far in the outside world in pursuit of their dreams and aspirations.

Source: Al Arabiya News

But a 42-year-old woman from Sao Paolo, Brazil, Gisele Marie, has shattered this stereotype. She electrifies crowds with her guitar while clad in a Burqa . Marie has been the guitarist for her brother’s heavy-metal band since 2012. Marie, who is from a German catholic lineage, converted to Islam in 2009.

Marie says, “People do not expect to see a Muslim woman who uses a burqa, practices the religion properly and is a professional guitarist who plays in a heavy metal band, So many people are shocked by it.”

This woman, armed with a guitar, is taking on generalisation.