A few days ago Amnesty International released a video that showed Muslim and Sikh men exchanging their headdresses to make an important point: Clothing is a part of a person’s religious beliefs, not their complete identity.

In light of that wonderful gesture, a Muslim man named Abdul Hakeem, sported a turban on his wedding day.

The wedding that took place in Gidderbaha, Punjab, saw Abdul’s friends wearing turbans as well.

The Tribune

When questioned about the same, his father-in-law told The Tribune:

My son-in-law has given a message of communal harmony. A true Muslim is identified not only by his cap, but also by his honesty. In the same vein, a true Sikh’s identity is not only his turban, but also his Gursikhi.

He also added that the guests present at the wedding were also really appreciative of the gesture and are still congratulating him.

People are still congratulating me, as it was one-of-a-kind gesture. Abdul had told us in advance that he would sport a turban in the honour of Sikhs who rescued Muslims in Delhi, and give the message of communal harmony. We were happy with his decision.
Sikh Net/Image for Representation

He ended the interview by saying that every one should be motivated to show communal harmony, just like Abdul, and we couldn’t agree more with the statement.