There’s nothing bigger than humanity and this Bengaluru based Muslim businessman has proved so. 

He donated land worth nearly Rs 1 crore to a Hanuman temple in Hoskote Taluk which is about 35 kilometers away from the city.

As per reports, the government had ordered the Sri Veeranjaneyaswami Temple in Valagerepura to accommodate the expansion of the NH-75. 

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Seeing this, the temple trust asked HMG Basha if he could donate ‘one gunta’ land as his land is closeby to the temple. 

MD Byregowda, president of the temple trust, was sure that HMG Basha would help them out because he has been a regular during all temple festivities. 

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But HMG Basha went a step ahead and offered to donate 1.5 guntas of land so that people could have space to move around the temple. 

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While we are uncertain about when we would live and perish, doing something for the benefit of others is better, by all means, than spreading hatred.

– HMG Basha


To celebrate this gesture of goodwill, villagers put up posters of Basha and his family members, calling them the “latest example of communal harmony.”

The foundation stone of the temple has been laid and the construction which is budgeted around 1 crore will commence full-fledgedly from January 2021.