A rather emotional story emerged from UP’s Bulandshehar, where a group of Muslim men lifted the dead body of a Hindu person and also chanted raam naam satya hai, on the way.

Showing communal respect, they even performed the last rites of the deceased, Ram Shankar, as his relatives couldn’t travel because of the lockdown.

 A report from News 18 quoted Ram Shankar’s son as saying:

All our Muslim neighbours helped us with the last rites, everyone was very supportive. We are four siblings, our two sisters have been married while me and my brother are left to take care of the family.

Meanwhile one of the neighbours, Mohammad Zubair, said:

Ravi Shankar was our neighbor and had expired two days back, after which we decided to help his family. All the Muslims from the locality gathered and brought his body for cremation. After all, humanity is above anything else.

Many people mentioned that the Hindus didn’t turn up for the last rites due to the fear of contracting COVID 19, but there is no report that proves that to be true.

Ram Shankar was suffering from cancer for a long time and passed away because of the disease.

The number of people testing positive for coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh has increased to 65, with the highest reported from Noida (27).