In light of the ongoing clashes in New Delhi's north-east areas, a Hindu couple was forced to cancel their wedding. 23-year-old Savitri Prasad told Reuters that she had to call off the preparations on her wedding day, which would have been on Tuesday, after violence broke out in her neighbourhood. 

Source: NDTV

However, Savitri's father was quick to organise a wedding ceremony the next day, saying he was comforted by the presence of his muslim neighbours. 

We could hear a lot of commotion outside, but I had the henna applied, hoping things would be better next day. (But) My Muslim brothers are protecting me today.

                    - Savitri Prasad

Source: NDTV

The family carried out the ceremony, amidst all the chaos, with over 38 people being killed in the violence in Chand Bagh and the surrounding areas. 

Source: NDTV
We went to the terrace and just saw smoke and more smoke. It is terrifying. We just want peace. We don't know who the people behind the violence are, but they are not my neighbours. There is no enmity between Hindus and Muslims here.

                    - Bhoday Prasad, Savitri Prasad's father

Source: NDTV

The family was supported and protected by their neighbours who made sure the ceremonies continued smoothly. "We live peacefully with our Hindu brothers," said Aamir Malik, one of those who were standing guard with several other men outside the home. 

Today, none of our relatives could attend my daughter's wedding. But our Muslim neighbours are here. They are our family.

                    - Bhoday Prasad

Source: IndiaTimes

What a heartwarming show of support and strength in the face of hate.