The communal divide in our country is still burning, stoked by the CAA protests. But there’s always beacons of hope in dark times, such as this.

Telegraph India

According to The Telegraph, a church in Kerala opened its gates and let 100s of Muslims pray on the premises.

This show of brotherhood and unity happened after a group of anti-CAA protesters had marched 10km from Muvattupuzha to Kothamangalam, in Ernakulam district. The Muslims among them then realised it was time for offering namaz, but there was no mosque nearby.

The News Minute

A march leader contacted the vicar of the Marthoma Cheriapally, a local church, who made the necessary prayer arrangements.

Mathew Kuzhalnadan, state president of the All India Professional Congress, told The Telegraph,

Not only did the church allow our Muslim brothers to pray within the premises, they also made arrangements for ablutions — a must before praying. In times like this when people are being segregated on communal lines, this is an example of communal amity for the entire nation to understand and follow.
The News Minute

All the marchers also did a tour of the church after the prayers were done. It’s good to see examples of religious amity at a time of flaring temperaments.