On Tuesday night (11th August), violence broke out in Bengaluru (eastern part) over a Facebook post that was supposedly posted by a relative of Congress MLA, Srinivas Murthy. 

Mobsters threw stones, vandalised the MLA’s residence and assaulted police personnel. 

However, amid all the chaos, a group of Muslims were seen forming a human chain in front of a temple to protect it from the mob. And, this deed, in turn, became a message of harmony and brotherhood. 

The miscreants can be seen standing outside the entrance of the temple trying to find their way to go in but, they were blocked by 20-30 men, who formed a human chain in front of the temple entrance in order to stop them from entering the premises. 

As per reports, 3 people were killed in police firing and 60 police personnel suffered injuries. Over 110 people have been arrested for indulging in violence and stone-pelting. 

MLA Murthy’s nephew Naveen, who allegedly posted the message on Facebook, also has been arrested.