80% of the total plastic consumption in India is discarded as waste. And a majority of it remains undecomposed.

To get rid of plastic and encourage tourists so as not to litter, a ‘wall of hope’ has been constructed using 15,000 plastic bottles near Mussoorie.

According to a report by Hindustan Times, the 1,500 feet long and 12 feet high wall was unveiled at Bunglow ki Kandi village near Mussoorie on 18th June 2019.

More than 50 volunteers from schools and colleges across Mussoorie have contributed towards building this wall. 


Talking to Hindustan Times, Subodh Kerkar, designer of the wall said:

“The installation will draw structural strength from steel pillars being fixed two feet deep into the ground. We have created a prototype in Goa, and the structure is completely rain and wind proof. I hope the installation will inspire a sense of beauty and will complement the serene background of the hills.”
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The structure was built as a part of the Hilldaari project which aims at increasing awareness about plastic waste management and the importance of creating a plastic-free environment.

We hope that the wall succeeds in spreading the message of responsible handling of plastic waste.