What would eventually be called the ‘strictest lockdown in the world’, saw Indians locking themselves up inside their houses.

Well, those who could afford to.

Among those who couldn’t, were mostly migrant workers walking back home and photojournalists ocumenting this journey.

The first episode of ScoopWhoop’s On The Frontline attempts to tell stories of both. 

Following photojournalist Vijay Pandey for a few days, the team tries to understand the migrant crisis and heartbreaking efforts of people to reach home.

Meanwhile also trying to understand the dilemmas and fears that come with doing field work in these times.

And lastly, the steps taken by the government to overcome the crisis.

In the video, Vijay also clears up a few things. For instance, social distancing is a ‘privilege’ for the middle class, for the poor, it’s impossible.

 As he tries to document the India’s new way of living, our team tries to document his. You can watch the video here: