A couple in New Delhi was pulled over because they weren’t wearing masks inside their car, and what followed was a banter that no one was prepared for. A video of the couple harassing the police and fighting them during lockdown has gone viral on social media. 

But there is a new twist to the tale. The husband, once arrested, was quick to shift the blame on his wife and say she instigated him. 

Delhi police registered a case against Pankaj and his wife Abha, residents of Patel Nagar in central Delhi. The couple was out and about without masks during the weekend lockdown, and the wife was seen calling the cops names during the argument. However, now it seems like even her husband can’t justify their actions anymore. 

While Twitter is having a field day with his reaction, we can’t help but wonder why these people don’t understand the severity of the pandemic. Stay safe and stay indoors, especially if you are healthy. 

H/T: AajTak News for interviewing the man.