The Myntra app went for a toss on Thursday after it flooded its users with messages, spamming their phones with just too many notifications, numbers allegedly reaching a mind-boggling 5,000 in a day!

The messages included confirmation and shipping alerts on orders that the users hadn’t even placed.

When contacted by ScoopWhoop, the company acknowledged the issue and extended its apology to the user for inconvenience. It stated that the problem occurred due to a technical glitch, adding  that they’re working on a solution and that it would be resolved within a couple of hours.

But users were quite unhappy with the app completely losing it and spamming their phones.

While some users were confused on receiving the notifications, others thought Myntra was the confused one.

It came to a point of extreme embarrassment for Myntra when few users thought it was PMSing…

The e-tailer finally apologised….

But the random messages and notifications had already done the damage. Users were so irked that they decided to delete the app…forever!