A mysterious green glow was captured by a satellite on the atmosphere of planet Mars and people are wondering what could be causing it.

According to reports, this is the first time that such a glow has been identified beyond planet Earth. This glow is reportedly formed after oxygen atoms react with sunlight. 

The unique green glow was detected by the Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO), which is a joined European and Russian initiative placed at Mars. 


Experts say, when polar auroras form on earth’s atmosphere a similar kind of green-coloured glow is detected. While talking about the recent findings, Dr Manish Patel from the UK’s Open University said:

It’s a nice result. You’d never plan a mission to go look for this kind of thing. Today, we have to be very clear about the science we’re going to do before we get to Mars. 

The green glow occurs when the charged particles running away from the sun strike with the atoms present in our atmosphere. 

Though, the green glow on Mars occurs differently from that of Earth due to its nonexistent magnetic field.

Even netizens had a few things to say about the unique green glow around Mars’ atmosphere. 

With the help of these lights, Dr Patel states that scientists will now be able to understand the varying thickness of the atmosphere on Mars.