A “mystery man” has been roaming around chopping braids of women in the Delhi-NCR region. According to a report by Indiatimes, the first known reports of the hair chopper had originated in Mewat, following which nearly a dozen cases have been reported in the last two weeks.

The New Indian Express

And now, similar incidents have been reported in Delhi too. According to the said report, a 50-year-old woman approached Gurgaon Police on Saturday with the complaint that a man who had appeared at her doorstep had chopped off her hair.

The victim, Sunita Devi, claimed that when she asked the man, who appeared to be in his 60s, to leave, he walked away but she fainted soon after that and on waking up, found her braids had been cut off. Now, while we cannot confirm the process of the said crime, other victims had also claimed to have fallen unconscious right before the attack. Surprisingly enough, even after a number of attacks, the identity of the perpetrator remains unknown.


Meanwhile, rumours of aliens, cat-man, mystery man and involvement of other mythical creatures have contaminated their way into the city. Speaking to Indiatimes, Virender Singh, the investigating officer, said have been actively working to stop the rumours of mythical creatures.