There’s all manner of lies and half-truths floating around in these times. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in even more forms of self-therapy that aren’t approved by medical professionals than ever before. Before you fall prey to misinformation, know this. 

1. Vitamins probably won’t boost your immune system against coronavirus.

While vitamins and supplements can help bolster your immune system, there’s no proof that they can prevent your system from contracting Covid-19. Vitamins and minerals can help prevent and treat the common cold and flu, they are in all likelihood not going to help with this new illness. In fact, taking too much can actually cause harm.

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2. Warm water cannot kill the coronavirus.

There’s a rumour going around that you should drink warm water or drink water every 15 minutes to ‘wash’ the virus from your throat down to your stomach where the acid can kill it. Wrong! It’s good to stay hydrated in general, but drinking warm water won’t kill this virus.


3. Eating more garlic can prevent coronavirus.

Garlic has a variety of health benefits, but there is no proof it can help prevent coronavirus.


4. Gargling warm saline water will not kill the virus.

There is no evidence that gargling warm water with salt or vinegar will kill the coronavirus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said that gargling salty, warm water can soothe a sore throat, but not do much else.

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5. Sunlight and UV light can’t kill coronavirus if it’s already inside the body.

It is not know how sunlight affects the new coronavirus, but if the virus is already inside the body and reproducing, no amount of sunbathing is going to reach. 

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6. Heating your sinuses won’t kill the virus.

Some people have been pointing hair dryers right at their noses and blasting it. The WHO however, has stated that the virus cannot be killed by hand dryers, and that it can survive in hot temperatures.

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Please don’t fall for these lies – verify the news, wash your hands, stay indoors, and keep safe!