Documentation is honestly one of the most exasperating bits about adulting. And when after a rigorous form filling session, the document still comes out flawed; it can make anyone go berserk. Such is the case with Srikanti Kumar Dutta, who recently staged a peculiar protest after his name got misspelt for the third time on the ration card. A video of him barking like a dog has gone viral on Twitter.

Apparently, after Srikanti Kumar Dutta was misprinted as Srikanti Kumar ‘Kutta,’ meaning a dog, on the ration card, Mr Dutta reached his saturation point. Twitter is reacting to a video of him barking like a dog at the passengers inside an ‘Executive Magistrate’ car. He’s holding some paperwork while the authorities inside the car appear to be pissed.

Reportedly, while talking to the media, Mr Dutta revealed, “The first time, they mentioned my name as Srikanta Mondal. I am not Mondal. I went to Duarey Sarkar and applied for rectification. Then they made my name Srikanto Dutta instead of Srikanti Kumar Dutta. I applied to Duarey Sarkar camp again… On the 11th, I used again and when I downloaded it, I noticed my name was changed to Srikanti Kumar Kutta. When I saw this, I felt mentally harassed. I went to the Duarey Sarkar camp again yesterday.”

He also shared how he chased a senior official for an interview, but he did not pay heed to his queries and fled away. “I showed him my ration card. I asked him to read it. But the Joint BDO (Block Development Officer) did not answer my questions. He ran away. Why did he run? What was he scared of? How many times will a common man like me go to the Duarey Sarkar camp? We have to stop work for a day to come here,” Mr Dutta added.

While Twitter is in splits, people are commending the man’s guts to get the deed done.

Apparently, Mr. Dutta has now been assured that his name will be rectified within two days.