What could the AIADMK chief J Jayalalithaa’s fans have done to celebrate Amma’s acquittal? Some prayed, some broke their fast, some fed poor people, and others burst firecrackers. But what this guy did would remain unmatched.

The councillor of Coimbatore’s 84th ward, Chandran has decided to name every new born child in Tamil Nadu Kumaraswamy, after Justice CR Kumaraswamy, the Karnataka high court judge who passed the verdict in favour of Jayalalithaa and acquitted her of all charges.

Source: NDTV

“Since Mr Kumaraswamy overturned the trial court’s order, we have a special affection towards him. This is our sign of gratitude,” Chandran said at a party meeting.

How is he functioning?

Well, he is visiting hospitals across the state at regular intervals and persuading the expecting mothers to follow this unique way of showing gratitude.

Justice CR Kumaraswamy | Source: One India

But, the task is not so easy for Chandran, as baby girls wouldn’t fancy a name like Kumaraswamy, would they?

But Chandran’s got a plan for that. If it is a boy, then obviously he will be named Kumaraswamy, but if it is a girl, she will be named Amma Kumaraswamy. Didn’t it just blow your mind?

And as it turns out, some mothers agreed!

In other news, 233 people had committed suicide in Tamil Nadu after Jayalalithaa was sent to jail last year.

Must give it to Amma lovers.