Kerala is going through one of the worst floods in history. Hundreds of lives have been lost and thousands more have become homeless and have no means to return to their everyday lives, even after the water recedes. 

And all of us know that the situation is dire but these new satellite images taken by NASA inform us that it’s worse than we could ever imagine.

The first picture, captured on the 6th of August shows the flooding that took place and the second one, taken on the 22nd of August shows the extent of flood water in the region.

The News Minute

 More than 300 people have lost their lives and the rest of them are living in terrible conditions in overcrowded shelters. The people of the state are working extremely hard to get things back on track. 

Live Law

The rescue operations are in full flow but the region still needs all the help it can get. So go ahead and donate whatever you can. Lives depend on it. 

Satelite Image Source: Earth Observatory, NASA