If you’re like the average bed-lover or if you’re hobby is sleeping all day every day, to samajhiye aapki toh nikal padhi

According to USA Today, NASA and ESA on Earth are looking for volunteers to lie in bed for two months. And they’re shelling out some sweet $19000 for every volunteer.

That’s like more than 13 lakhs in Indian rupees. Woah, that’s ‘out of this world’. Eh? Eh?

Maaa, mithayi kha, naukri mil gayi.

On behalf of these two space agencies, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) is looking to hire 24 volunteers – 12 men and 12 women – for the study. They are researching how the body changes in weightlessness, so that they can develop countermeasures to reduce the negative impact of it on astronauts.

According to a report by ABC News, the volunteers will be divided into two groups. The members of one group will be rotated around in a centrifuge, which is similar to an artificial gravity chamber. This will force blood back into their extremities. 

The members of the second group will not be rotated.

Hold my blanket and my sleeping mask, my time has finally come! Time to channel my inner sloth and save the world.

The study will take place from September to December 2019. You can apply here.