NASA has come up with a stunning 4K video of planet Jupiter shot by the Hubble Space Telescope, offering a more detailed view of the planet than ever, The Independent reports. Every year new photos are taken by the Hubble telescope of each planet in order to spot any visible changes that might occur and Jupiter is the first of our solar system to have its picture taken this year, the report says. But what makes the shots thrilling is the new ultra-HD 4k resolution showing interesting features that took place on the heavenly body during the past year including a rare wave above the planet’s equator and changes in its Giant Red spot.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

“Every time we look at Jupiter, we get tantalizing hints that something really exciting is going on,” Amy Simon, a planetary scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland told The Independent. “This time is no exception.”

The new images have confirmed that the Spot on Jupiter has been shrinking and becoming rounder over time. It has also turned to more of an orange colour, with the core mellowing in intensity.

Watch the breathtaking video here:

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Feature image source: YouTube Screenshot