You can travel from Earth to space to take the human race forward, but at some point you have to start thinking about yourself too. Is the bland food worth it?

That needs some thought.

At least that’s what the latest news from NASA headquarters suggests. 


After multiple astronauts requested for ‘spicier food’ during their stay outside Earth, NASA has decided to grow Española chili pepper plants in space.

ABC Action News

A report from News 18 quoted Jacob Torres, a NASA horticultural scientist, as saying:

The astronauts have often expressed a desire for more spicy and flavorful foods, and so having a bit of hot flavor also seemed to be a good thing.
How Stuff Works

This will make it the first fruit to be harvested in space after multiple vegetables and plants like space lettuce, space cabbage.

Scientists have been trying to do an advanced research in the area of producing food outside Earth because that is a crucial step towards making space programs completely successful. As Torres puts:

We can build all the rockets we want to go to Mars, but it won’t work unless we have food to eat. So, right now we are the top priority research project in NASA.

Well, no one would mind some ‘space-y’ food in Mars.