NASA’s Curiosity Rover, previously spotted a crab, a spider, an iguana, a woman and now they spotted a spoon too. It would not be completely absurd to imagine maybe they are cooking a welcome dinner for Earthlings who will be there for the Mars One Mission . A goal that aims to establish human settlement on Mars.

Curiosity’s image, which it sent this time, appears to be a geographical feature. One that resembles a spoon levitating, casting a shadow on the ground below.

Although Mars looks like a completely deserted planet to the human eye, and the pictures sent by the rover simply look like rocks that have managed to take various shapes, commonly found on Earth, imaginative minds and extraterrestrial theory lovers and hatchers have their own definitions.

As Mashable mentions in its report, scientists believe that Mars, once used to be a warm and wet planet like Earth. Curiosity had earlier discovered the Gale Crater, that could have supported microbial life.

Curiosity is now making its next journey up the base of a mountain called Mount Sharp.

Meanwhile the @SarcasticRover , the parody account of Curiosity, has shared a few opinions too.

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Feature image source: NASA / Discovery News