For whatever reason, India is a part of the global War on Drugs . But what has been an utter failure in the west has unexpectedly turned into an Internet gold rush for some Indians. The landscape is ripe with opportunity for a new breed of enterprising dealers and peddlers. You can thank a cryptic, relatively unknown technology for it. In the interest of privacy, and respect for the law, I have deleted and altered risky information from this article. But, honestly, most of this stuff is just a few Google searches away.

Charas, Gaanja, Cocaine, MDMA, LSD, DMT, 2CB, and a bouquet of research chemicals are on sale. If you’re even remotely connected to the culture around these drugs, chance are you know what I’m talking about. You’d know this story even better if you’re not a recreational drug-user but lurk secret forums and encryption communities around these new markets. It’s a fascinating world!

Some of the most well-known Indian players in these markets are MalanaBoys, enki, and TheBlossom. These are pseudonyms of people or groups that sell drugs from India to the world. They do it online and they’re not modest about their maal .


Say hi to the MalanaBoys. Admittedly, they’re new to the scene but operate like the pros. On their profile page they describe what makes their stuff the ‘top most hashish in the world’. These guys are so savvy that they’ve even created their own brand and custom packaging.

Let’s get to know them a little better, shall we? They boast about having connections in Malana and even describe some of their manufacturing process. Ballsy move there.

They’re not doing this alone, the MalanaBoys have some competition. Meet enki. These guys have some seriously competitive rates. However, enki caters exclusively to foreign customers.

Meet our third drugs ki dukaan , TheBlossom. There couldn’t have been a more innocent name. It’s literally the name of a Power Puff Girl (get it?). These guys are media savvy and are bold enough to put an email address to verify their listings. They even claim to sell in bulk. This is as legit as it gets.

But everything is a double edged sword. For every yin, there’s a yang. For every tail, there’s a head. For everyone doing nefarious things with this technology, there are people using it for good.

There are some dubious Dr. Do-gooders who sell prescription-only drugs online, with little or no regard for the prescriptions. They work in much the same way as the drug peddlers mentioned above. Two of the most popular ones are GotMilk and CheapDrugs.

You can take a look at GotMilk’s complete stock of drugs here .

Why would anybody buy these drugs online, you ask? Because they are dirt cheap, compared to their rates in countries with more expensive healthcare systems. The obvious lack of prescription is also a big selling point for those who are addicted to these pharmaceutical drugs. Many of these drugs have scary side-effects if not administered under medical supervision.


The markets work on feedback from all over the world and the community is big. Because this is a shady underbelly of the Internet, there’s nobody you could complain to. A lot of business happens on trust. Here’s how users have rated CheapDrugs.


Because of the hard-to-trace nature of some parts of the internet, it’s been next to impossible for Indian authorities to clamp down on these activities. To give you an understanding for how hard it is, here’s a thought: These drug dealers use the same technology that freedom fighters in the Arab Spring used against dictatorial regimes that blocked regular access to the internet. Even a dictatorship can not control this technology. It would be much harder for a bureaucratic Government, much less a Government whose Anti-Narco website looks like this .

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