A few hours ago, a video involving Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra and fellow Olympian Arshad Nadeem’s was doing rounds on Twitter. And as is the practice these days, Indian Twitter had found a way to communalise the whole matter. So much so, that even ‘news websites‘ jumped on the bandwagon without confirming the matter with the athletes first. 

However, the champion that he is, Chopra went on Twitter to offer clarification on the subject and asked people to not use the video or his name to further their ‘vested interests and propaganda’. 

At a time, where the public is used to sportspersons never using their voice for anything ever, Neeraj Chopra’s video appears to have come as a breath of fresh air. Twitter, too has been hailing him for his statement. 

Remember this people. Remember this the the next time you see a WhatsApp forward or a hateful tweet, because sometimes, people’s actual lives might depend on it.