While the Nepalese may be thankful to India for its help in relief efforts, they do not feel the same way about the Indian media. Thousands of people have taken to social media to vent their disdain about the reporting by Indian media organisations. The hashtags #GoHomeIndianMedia and #IndianMediaDontComeBack were trending on Twitter with over 60,000 tweets.

People believe the coverage has been insensitive and one-sided. Some even accused the media of using the devastating earthquake as a public relations opportunity for the Indian government. Many have said the media has only focused on India’s relief efforts and not enough on the devastation itself. There are few who stated the Indian media has undermined the sovereignty of Nepal by treating it as a part of India.

Below are reactions by the Twitterati:

Below is a video that highlights the shoddy reporting by Indian media.

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Feature image source: Twitter