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Apr 30, 2015 at 13:00

Nepal Earthquake Aftermath: Raw Shots Clicked Over Phone Camera Brings Reality Closer Home

by Durga M Sengupta

Reuters photos, AFP photos, newspaper photos -- everyone is in Nepal, and everyone has taken stunning shots.

But is reality stunning? Is grief aesthetic? No. Those perfect shots, beautiful as they are, seem far away. Almost cinematic. And human reality is anything, but cinematic.

As opposed to that, here is something very real, very everyday. Take a look at these shots from a phone camera, courtesy Amrit Sharma , who walked around Kathmandu, documenting the post-earthquake reality that people there are living it. And suddenly, it will seem a lot closer home.

The scene outside Kathmandu's Bir Hospital Emergency Ward. ( Source: Amrit Sharma )

Rubble being cleared outside Ratna Park, Kathmandu. ( Source: Amrit Sharma )

People queue up at New Road to relief food. ( Source: Amrit Sharma )

Durbar Square: A shrine stands, surrounded by a pile of rubble. ( Source: Amrit Sharma )

Durbar Square: A bird soars over all the destruction on the ground. ( Source: Amrit Sharma )

Durbar Square: Army and other rescue workers doing their work. ( Source: Amrit Sharma )

Durbar Square: Tourists and rescue workers asses the damage at the site. ( Source: Amrit Sharma )

Tourists, citizens join in on the rescue efforts. ( Source: Amrit Sharma )

The Earth and the Sky -- a contrast. ( Source: Amrit Sharma )

Durbar Square: A temple room besides a pile of rubble. ( Source: Amrit Sharma )

A building, caved in after the earthquake. ( Source: Amrit Sharma )

Same building, intact on the other side. ( Source: Amrit Sharma )

Rescue workers work as a team and pass bricks. ( Source: Amrit Sharma )

A severely damaged Secondary School in Kathmandu. Many lost their lives here. ( Source: Amrit Sharma )

A man sleeps outside his house, near Asan, Kathmandu. ( Source: Amrit Sharma )

Scene at Tundikhel Park where people have set up tents in Kathmandu. ( Source: Amrit Sharma )

People choose plastic over cemented houses, as they await aid. ( Source: Amrit Sharma )

We're with you, Nepal. Stay strong.

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