You wouldn’t associate gold with eating as much as you would with wearing, right? But of late, gold in food has become something of a trend, internationally.

Now, it is Nestle Australia that has embraced it. Soon, the company is going to release a limited edition of 24-karat gold-plated Kit Kat bars to celebrate the Chinese New Year. They will produce only 88 handcrafted eight-finger bars with premium ingredients sourced from all over the world. 

b’Source: Nestle’

The Chinese New Year’s Day is the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar, and falls on February 8 this year.

The chocolate bar will contain Phoenix Oolong tea leaves brought specially from the Guangdong Province of China, with lychee and rose petals. The bar will then be wrapped in 24-karat edible gold leaf which will be topped with rose jelly and rose buds, a press release from Nestle said. 

The chocolate bars will be available from January 28 from 8 am at $88 AUD (nearly Rs 4100) in the Kit Kat Studio Melbourne, Australia. 

What something as exclusive, the packing matters. So the bars will be handcrafted by the chocolatier in the store, and would be presented to customers in a red and gold box wrapped in red silk. 

Have you noticed too much of the number 8 in production, date and time of distribution and price of the chocolate? Well that has a logic too. It’s because the number 8 is considered lucky in Chinese culture and is linked to good health and wealth.