Remember the debate over Net Neutrality ? It took a while for the people of India to deconstruct and send en masse emails towards protecting the freedom to use Internet as it exists, and as is available today. Bad news is that today, August 14, is the last day to be able to submit your suggestions and comments to protect Net Neutrality.

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Thanks to AIB, their video explaining Net Neutrality worked faster than reading through a cumbersome report and various news stories on the topic. They released a new video today that yet again explains simply what the government did once we sent emails to TRAI last time around. The govt needs to sit up and take notice, yet again, like last time.

The notification on reads:

“Through this forum of My Gov, we invite valuable comments and suggestions on the report and recommendations before 15th August, 2015 .”

Have patience, the logins are annoying and slow with OTP issues if you try and register from different devices, each time you do, and the comments are taking longer to be saved on the site. It is also showing error pop-ups. We would like to believe it is all of your effort that is making the (usually shabby) website awfully slow.

As the clock strikes 12 tonight and as the world sleeps, India may awake into a time when free Internet would have died exactly 20 years after it was introduced in India. The clock is ticking, make it count.

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