Whether you’re a descendant of a freedom fighter or a common citizen, if you’re against Mamata Banerjee, you won’t have an easy time in West Bengal. BJP candidate and grand nephew of freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Chandra Bose, is coming to grips with this situation. 

Bose has been trying to set up an election office in Bhawanipore, which is his constituency but he is having a difficult time to find one since house owners fear retaliatory actions from TMC if they rent out space to him, reports The Times Of India .  

He tweeted about it as well with a fair bit of stoicism: 

Bose, who has been rejected by many landlords, finds this strange situation unacceptable. 

Incidentally, Bhawanipore was the neighbourhood where Netaji was brought up. However his descendant is presently forced to operate from a one-room BJP zonal office at 22B Harish Mukherjee Road.