While the entire world was shaken this week when the Taliban took control over Afghanistan, netizens have called out a British citizen who had to be evacuated because he travelled to Afghanistan despite being warned not to by the UK Foreign Office.


Miles Routledge, a 21-year-old student from the UK, travelled to Afghanistan from Turkey on August 13th for a vacation. Reportedly, he picked Afghanistan for this trip after he found the country on ‘the most dangerous cities to visit’ list.

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He was evacuated from the country on August 17th and he shared every tiny detail of his trip on social media.

During his trip, he took refuge in a UN safe house with other foreign citizens.

When the entire country was ravaged by a violent takeover, he appeared to be more focused on creating ‘content’ for his social media accounts.

After the Taliban takeover, he shared that he was ‘stuck in Kabul’.

On August 17th, he shared a clip of his evacuation from Afghanistan to Dubai.

Although his social media accounts have been wiped clean, the screenshots of his posts are still available online.

Netizens criticized his actions and called out his privilege.

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