Amidst COVID-19, most of us have the liberty to socially distance ourselves while working from home and practice preventive measures like self-quarantine. Unfortunately, there are still some workplaces that haven't provided their employees with this basic necessity. 

Source: ET

Ignoring the work from home mandate given out by various state governments, various workplaces expect their employees to show up in the office as if everything is normal and this pandemic doesn't exist. 

Source: Financial express

In a series of Tweets, Netizens have gathered the courage to publicly name the companies that aren't sanctioning WFHs and  robbing their employees of safety by expecting them to come to offices: 

As we write this, the total number of COVID-19 casualties in India has climbed up to 137 along with three reportedly deceased. Providing work-from-home in a situation like this is the basic precautionary method that workplaces can ensure.