It is no news that this country is obsessed with birthing sons just so that they can transfer their 'legacy' to their 'boys' who'll carry their family name, reputation and business forward. 

Source: Just Dial

Whether it's Anil Kapoor in Dil Dhadakne Do choosing his disinterested son over his talented daughter to run his business or a signboard in the middle of a market reading 'XYZ & Sons', we come across these patriarchal structures more often than we realise. 

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And honestly, if I had a penny for every time I came across a board/ shop named in the format of 'XYZ & Sons' while strolling the markets of India, I'd be as wealthy as Richie Rich.   

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Source: Just Dial
Source: Just Dial

But, a medical shop in Ludhiana, Punjab is taking a step forward to break this patriarchial cycle. The signboard outside this pharmacy reads Gupta & Daughters. 

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A Twitter user who goes around by his official handle @DrAmankashyap spotted this quaint pharmacy. Impressed by the uniqueness of a stop that associated its store name with their daughters instead of sons, he instantly shared this picture: 

Netizens are lauding Gupta Ji's gesture of giving the same importance to his daughters as the society does to their sons: 

Even though this might look like a small thing, it is a bigger step for the greater development of future generations. Imagine if more people start thinking like Gupta Ji, we'll actually be able to bridge the persisting gender gap in our society.