Amid the pandemic and the resulting chaos, the US has found itself caught in a series of protests that emerged after the death George Floyd. He was the African American man who succumbed to death after a police officer choked him with his knee in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020.

The discrimination towards the community is not something new but the country seems to be going through a phase of upsurgence which will likely, and hopefully, change things for better.

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Now, the protests were marked by looting and burning down of buildings as a means to show anger and dissent.

Something which is being met by criticism from the higher-ups, including the American President Donald Trump. But the narrative isn’t linear, there are nuances to it, and the Daily Show Host Trevor Noah explains them:

When you are a ‘have’ and when you are a ‘have-not’, you see the world in very different ways. And a lot of the times people say to the ‘have-nots’, ‘this is not the right way to handle things’. When Martin Luther King had children as part of his protest, in Burmingham, Alabama, people said making children a part of the protest is not the right way to do things. When people marched through the streets in South Africa during the Aparthied, people said it’s the not way to do things.
When people burn things…they say it’s not the right way…it’s never the right way to protest because that is what protest is. It cannot be right because you are protesting against the thing that is stopping you.

“There is no right way to protest because that’s what protest is.” ##dailyshow ##foryoupage ##fyp ##blacklivesmatter ##georgefloyd

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He put things further into perspective with a chilling monologue.

Meanwhile the people on Twitter were divided in their opinions about Trevor’s views.

The police officer who killed George has been charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. The fight, however, is bigger.