Are you someone who takes numerous amounts of luggage while travelling on a train? It could even be the reason you take a train instead of a flight, but not anymore. 

Indian Railways has introduced new luggage rules, according to which, you can not take unlimited luggage on the train. Instead, a capping is set for each classes. 

According to the new rules, if you are travelling from AC First class, you can take 70kgs baggage, free of charge. For AC 2-tier, that limit is set at 50kgs while for AC 3-tier sleeper or AC Chair Car, the limit is set at 40 kgs. Similarly, passengers travelling from the Sleeper class can take 40 kgs luggage and the Second class can take 35 kgs luggage free of charge. The minimum charge for excess baggage has been fixed at ₹30.

Indian Railway

The maximum limit includes the free allowance.

You will have to present the luggage that you will be travelling with to the luggage office, 30 minutes prior to the time of departure. You can also book your luggage in advance while booking your ticket. 

“Luggage which is not securely packed will not be accepted for booking and carriage unless the sender or his authorized agent executes a forwarding note and record there in such defects or improper packing,” said a notification regarding the same.

In case, you are seen carrying excess luggage without booking the same, you will have to pay 6-times more than the normal rates. However, there is a marginal allowance for each class, and if your luggage exceeds the free limit but is within the marginal allowance, then you will be charged 1.5-times more than the normal rates.

How this will be implemented in a country like ours is still a question I’m asking. On one hand, there are passengers who barely manage to board the train. On the other hand, trains are the primary mode of transportation for people who are not that financially well-off, for whom it will be hard to pay the extra charges for the luggage. I guess, we’ll just have to wait and see. 

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