As if we did not have enough sexist and creepy stuff going on in the world, there is now a ‘sex robot’ available for men to pleasure themselves.

This robot looks like an actual woman and can even say sentences that it has been designed to say, making this entire thing that much more freaky. 

She blinks, moves her lips, and is designed keeping the most conventional beauty standards in mind. So basically, the idea is to create a ‘substitute’ for an actual woman and I am personally finding this very hard to process.

Apart from some very obvious damages this can do, the most noticeable is that this will likely lead to an increase in sex crimes. Because a robot, unlike a human, can’t say no. So you can do whatever you like. And we all know how men respond to a no. This will only lead to them wanting to hear yes, even more than do now, and that should scare the hell out of everyone. 

A lot of people have expressed similar concerns on the topic, and here are some of them.

This dehumanising nonsense should stop with immediate effect.