Losing a child is always tough, be it on the mother or the father. But rarely does the society see it fit enough to give them space to heal. 

Before they can even get in terms with reality, they have to pick the reins of a normal life. This becomes especially tough for people with jobs. 

But this won’t hold true for New Zealand anymore because their parliament has passed legislation where both mothers and their partners have the right to get paid leaves after a miscarriage or a stillbirth. 

Reportedly, they are the second country to take such a step. According to the bill, the concerned employees will be allowed to take 3 days leaves without having to use their sick leaves. 

Ginny Anderson, Labour Party MP who is also responsible for initiating the bill commented that: 

The passing of this bill shows that once again New Zealand is leading the way for progressive and compassionate legislation, becoming only the second country in the world to provide leave for miscarriage and stillbirth. 

She also shared that the leaves are meant to give the grieving parents some time to take in the situation while adding that their grief is not a disease or a sickness. It’s a loss that takes time to heal. 

Not just that, parents who are planning to have a child through surrogacy and adoption can also avail these leaves. 

The same reports suggested that India is the only other country with similar provisions. 

Needless to say, this bill got people talking. 

The world will collectively heal when we give time for individuals to heal at their own pace.