They talk about freedom of the press; they talk about women joining politics, and then they surround a news anchor with guns to deliver the news. Pretty contradictory know? 

A video is doing rounds on social media that shows a different truth of Afghanistan, other than what the Taliban actually talks about. 


Have a look at the video where the Taliban wants people to cooperate with them and not be afraid.

So far, the Taliban has raided the houses of at least four media workers in Afghanistan, including three staff members of Deutsche Welle. The media workers have gone into hiding now.

The program is called Pardaz and aired on the TV network Peace Studio where the anchor was interviewing one of the Taliban leaders in the studio flanked by the fighters.

This 42-sec clip has gone viral and caused serious concern among people. However, it is not the first time where the Taliban has tried to take control over the media.   

Throughout the clip, we see how petrified the anchor is surrounded by armed fighters.

Now that’s the kind of freedom we don’t want in Afghanistan.