“Yeh sab sirf picturon me hota hai!”

While in a theatre watching a thriller movie, all of us have uttered these words at some point of time or the other. However, things happening on screen can happen in real life as well. And I am not saying Karan Arjun can come back using the punarjanam card (though, I am not sure) but yeah, there are times when reel things happened in reality. Here are some examples:

1. The father who rescued his daughter from a dance bar in UP is no less than Bryan Mills from the movie Taken

When Barkat Laskar, an ordinary villager from West Bengal learned that his daughter has actually been trafficked by her so called ’employer’, he immediately started working on a rescue operation to get back to her. It took him 10 long days after which he saw her face in a UP dance bar, along with three other young girls. Barkat Laskar may not be a CIA operative like Bryan Mills, but he surely has the spirit and a sound mind that he didn’t ignore any of those hints relating to the safety of his daughter. And while watching Taken, I was like oh such things can only happen in movies

The Times of India

2. The man who stalked a woman for more than a decade reminds us of Kundan Shankar from Raanjhanaa.

From zero to Kundan Shankar, how crazy can a stalker get? A story of a man named Jitender Singh may help you answer this question. Singh who met the woman during his college days asked to marry her in 2006. Little did the woman know that her refusal could lead to ten years of Kundan Shankar level stalking. He not only threated the victim with violence but also followed her everywhere, even New York and California. However, while Kundan Sharma got sympathy when he took the bullet for his ‘lady love’, Jitender Singh got lucky and was only arrested for 19 years by Texas police department.

India Today

3. This gambler from Kanpur reminds us of Arjun Dixit from Jannat; the former lost his wife while the latter lost his life. That’s what gambling does to you, take note!

A man from Kanpur lost his wife when he had put her at stake in an IPL betting game while Jannat‘s Arjun Dixit lost his life in the end. Which one was more unfortunate? You decide. 

The New Indian Express

4. The con-bride who was supposed to get haldi ka doodh for her ‘husbands’ on the wedding night looted them just like Dolly from Dolly Ki Doli.

Rajni Dubey, the con-bride in question wooed businessman Sanjeev Agrawal with her innocent looks and pativrata avatar, married the victim and disappeared with heaps of gold and bundles of cash along with her so called relatives. In the movie, Dolly did the same. 

The Times of India