Since time immemorial, flowers have been the purest form of offering to God by the devotees. The idols are adorned with flowers ranging from roses to marigolds and jasmine to shevanti, peppering the four walls of the temple with a pleasant aroma.

But have you ever wondered what happens to the flowers that are replaced the next day by a different bunch of blooms? The decaying flowers in mud-spattered plastic bags would perhaps float downstream, becoming a critical cause of pollution.

This is where Avacayam, an NGO that produces Holi colours from wasted temple flowers, makes an entry. Dr. Madhumita Puri, the founder, saw the issue of disposing of flowers as an opportunity.


With Holi drawing near, there’s no better time to learn about an organisation that has given ‘best out of waste’ a whole new meaning.

You know what’s the best part about it? They’re not just recycling waste, but they’re also giving disabled artists a chance to express their art.

In a society where differently abled people are shunned, Avacayam is welcoming their talent with open arms. Talk about hitting two targets with a single arrow!

Avacayam press

Additionally, they also weave ethnic bags, yoga mats, organic agarbatti (again, made out of temple flowers) and make creative hand painted pichkaris that involve zero plastic. 

This Holi, when you’re playing Rang Barse on loop, making this noble cause a part of your festivities will be the purest thing to do.

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