The brutality of terrorists seems to have no end at all with inhuman acts of violence plaguing a large part of the planet. But the most gruesome crime against humanity has been wounding its soul by robbing its children of innocence.

Source: International Business Times

Only weeks ago, the use of child executioners by IS shocked the world. Now reports have emerged that a 10-year-old girl was used for a bombing in a Nigerian town. The attack which killed 19 people and left 47 injured, seems to be the work of Boko Haram.

Child soldiers have been used for a long time in the continent which has been overrun by conflict for decades. The cowardice of the terrorist outfit is evident from the way young children are being used to sacrifice their lives.

African Peace Journal

The explosives were carried by the 10-year old who went to a place where a crowd had assembled to witness a screening and the bomb was detonated. Earlier, nine people were killed in a suicide bombing on Eid-ul-Fitr, which was carried out by a woman.

Source: International Business Times

The only hope for protecting humanity is safeguarding the innocence of the next generation.