Violence against black students in India is unfortunately not an uncommon occurrence. Following another such attack on two Nigerian students in Haridwar, police have arrested the director of a private college, along with 5 security guards, registrar and a non-teaching member of the staff. 

Trigger Warning: Racism, Assault

According to Hindustan Times, the security guards had assaulted these students who tried to go out for dinner, the video of which had gone viral on social media. 

The students wanted to go ou to eat because they were bored with the canteen food but were denied permission. They went out regardless. But upon their return, they were confronted by the security guards which led to a verbal duel following which they were brutally beaten up by the guards.

Meanwhile, local students, villagers and National Student Union of India (NSUI) have come out in support of the assaulted students and have demanded strict legal action against the private college management and the security guards.


This incident has also led to severe criticism on social media. 

The college is yet to respond to the incident.