When somebody says that our lives have been digitized, they’re not kidding. It’s the ultimate truth. 

As reported by LADbible, Nike has sold virtual sneakers for $186,000 in the metaverse. The catch is that nobody can actually wear them. They are strictly virtual and no physical substitute exists.  

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This week, Nike dropped their brand new range of ‘Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks’ that can be purchased as NFTs. Mind you, these shoes are pretty stylish. And you could become a fashionista of the digital setting if money is not one of your concerns.  

Last year, the footwear brand acquired RTKFKT, a leading digital sneaker designer firm, in a venture to blend culture with gaming.  

Reportedly, more than $14 million has been spent in purchase of these digital kicks. Crypto holders are spending anywhere between $10,500 and $12,500 for a pair which could be further accessorized with pricey rare skins. 

Not just this, a sneaker skin called Alien was purchased for $630,000 just this week. Major face-palm? 

This is not the first time a brand has dropped its collection in the metaverse. Last year, Adidas unveiled their merchandise in the metaverse. However, NFT owners could receive the physical clothing as well. 

What Nike is doing is a clear-cut brave step into the future. Would you purchase a shoe that does not really exist only it does? If you know what I mean!